Image Processing (IMG) is a service provided to external users by Alibaba Cloud OSS featuring massive volume processing, security, low costs, and high reliability. By uploading and storing source images in the OSS, you can process images anytime, anywhere, and on any Internet device through a simple RESTful interface. IMG provides image processing, watermark, pipeline, and image style operations. The Image Processing Service offers image processing interfaces. For image uploads, use the OSS upload interfaces. You can set up image-related services based on the Image Processing.

Image Processing offers the following features:

  • Scaling, cropping, and rotating images
  • Adding image, text, and text-and-image watermarks to images
  • Converting image formats
  • Customizing image processing styles
  • Calling multiple image processing features in a set sequence through pipelines
  • Retrieving image information

For more information, see Image Processing Guide.