By using simple upload, you can use the PutObject API of OSS to upload single objects. Simple upload is applicable to scenarios where you can send an HTTP request to complete an upload, for example, to upload an object that is smaller than 5 GB.
  • For more information about the PutObject API, see PutObject.
  • To upload an object that is larger than 5 GB, you can use Resumable upload.

Operating methods

Operating method Description
Console Web application, which is intuitive and easy to use
ossbrowser Graphical tool, which is easy to operate
ossutil Command-line tool, which delivers good performance
Java SDK SDK demos in various languages
Python SDK
Android SDK
Node.js SDK
Browser.js SDK
Ruby SDK

Upload limits

  • Size: The maximum size of an object is 5 GB in this mode.
  • Naming rules:
    • Object names must be UTF-8 encoded.
    • Object names must be one byte to 1,023 bytes in length.
    • Object names cannot start with a forward slash (/) or a backslash (\).

Object Meta setting

When using simple upload, you can set Object Meta to describe an object, for example, Content-Type and other standard HTTP header fields. You can also set user-defined information. For more information, see Manage Object Meta.

Upload security and authorization

To prevent unauthorized third-party users from uploading data to your bucket, OSS provides bucket- and object-level access control. For more information, see Access control.

To authorize third-party users to upload objects, OSS also provides account authorization. For more information, see Authorized third-party upload.

Subsequent operations