Uninstall agent

Last Updated: May 16, 2017

If you do not want to use related features of Alibaba Cloud Security Server Security (Server Guard), you can uninstall the Agent following the methods below.

  1. Go to the console - Settings - Install Server Guard. Click “Uninstall Sever Guard” and select the server you want to uninstall the Agent from.
  2. After you confirm the uninstallation, the system will automatically complete the uninstallation.

Other methods

Linux type system

Download http://update.aegis.aliyun.com/download/uninstall.shExecute the following commands:

chmod +x uninstall.shsh uninstall.sh

Windows type system:

Download http://update.aegis.aliyun.com/download/uninstall.batClick Execute to uninstall the software.

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