This topic describes how to install Tablestore SDK for Python.


Python 2 or Python 3 is available.

Install the SDK

  • Method 1: Use pip.

    The command used to install Tablestore SDK for Python is as follows:

    sudo pip install tablestore
  • Method 2: Use GitHub.

    Ensure that you have installed Git. For more information about how to download Git, visit Git. After Git is installed, run the following command:

    git clone
    sudo python  install              
  • Method 3: Use source code.
    1. Download the SDK package. To download an SDK package, click here.
    2. Decompress the SDK package. Run the following command:
      sudo python install       

Verify the SDK

Enter python on the command line. Then, press Enter to check the SDK version in the Python environment.

>>> import tablestore
>>> tablestore.__version__

Uninstall the SDK

Use pip to uninstall Tablestore SDK for Python.

sudo pip uninstall tablestore