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Error handling

Last Updated: Apr 08, 2018


Currently, the Table Store C# SDK adopts the Exception method to handle errors. Operation is successful if the called interface does not throw an exception. If an exception is thrown, operation fails.

Note: Batch operation interfaces such as BatchGetRow and BatchWriteRow are successfully called only when the system checks that the status of each row is successful.


The Table Store C# SDK has two types of exceptions: OTSClientException and OTSServerException inherited from Exception.

  • OTSClientException: indicates an internal SDK exception, for example, incorrect parameter values or failure to return parsed results.

  • OTSServerException: indicates a server error generated by parsing a server error message. OTSServerException has the following components:

    • HttpStatusCode: a returned HTTP code, for example, 200 or 404.

    • ErrorCode: an error type string returned by Table Store.

    • ErrorMessage: an error message string returned by Table Store.

    • RequestId: the UUID that uniquely identifies a request. If a problem persists, save the RequestId and open a ticket.


The system retries the operation when an error occurs in the SDK. By default, the operation is retried three times at a maximum interval of two seconds. For more information, see the Aliyun.OTS.Retry.DefaultRetryPolicy class.

You can use RetryPolicy in OTSClientConfig to customize a retry policy.

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