You can copy a custom image of a simple application server from one region to another. This topic describes how to copy a custom image of a simple application server.


A custom image is created. For more information, see Create a custom image from a snapshot.

Background information

If you need to create a simple application server that has the same configurations as your existing simple application server in a different region, you can use the image copy feature. After a source simple application server is configured and a custom image is created and copied to the destination region, you can use the new custom image to create simple application servers in the destination region. These simple application servers have the same configurations as the source simple application server.

Take note of the following items:
  • To copy a custom image, Alibaba Cloud needs to create a snapshot of the source image in the destination region. You cannot view this snapshot. Snapshots and custom images generated by the image copy feature consume the resource quota of your Alibaba Cloud account. For more information, see Limits on other resources.
  • If the custom image generated by using the image copy feature is deleted, the simple application servers that are created from the custom image cannot be reset.


  1. Log on to the Simple Application Server console.
  2. In the left-side navigation pane, click Mirror List.
  3. On the Images page, find the custom image that you want to copy.
  4. In the Actions column, click Copy Image.
  5. In the Copy Image dialog box, configure the parameters and click OK.
    Copy imageConfigure the following parameters:
    • Destination Region: Select a destination region to which you want to copy the source custom image.
    • Custom image name: Enter a name for the new custom image. Example: testcopyimage.
    • Custom image description: Enter a description for the new custom image. The default description contains the region to which the source custom image belongs and the ID of the source custom image. You can modify the description.
    After you click OK in the Copy Image dialog box, you can view the information of the custom image in the Copying state on the Images page. Wait until the image copy task is complete. The following figure shows the information of the new custom image after the image copy task is complete.
    Note The Instance Name information for the new custom image is left empty.
    Details of the new custom image