You can use the HG_CREATE_TABLE_GROUP function to create a table group and specify the shard count for the created table group. This topic describes how to use the HG_CREATE_TABLE_GROUP function in Hologres.


  • Only Hologres V0.10 and later allow you to use the HG_CREATE_TABLE_GROUP function.
  • Only the superusers of an instance and the owners of a database can call the HG_CREATE_TABLE_GROUP function.


The HG_CREATE_TABLE_GROUP function that you can use in Hologres uses the following syntax:
CALL HG_CREATE_TABLE_GROUP ( 'table_group_name', shard_count );
The following table describes the parameters in the syntax.
Parameter Description
table_group_name The name of the table group.
shard_count The shard count. The value must be an integer. We recommend that you set this parameter to a value that ranges from 5 to 150. For more information about the recommended values of the shard count, see Instance types.


Execute the following statement to create a table group that is named TG10 and whose shard count is 10:

Other related statements

  • Execute the following statements to create a table named tbl and add the table to the table group named TG10:
    Note If you do not specify the table group to which the table is to be added, the table is added to the default table group.
    create table tbl(colA text, colB text);
    call set_table_property('tbl','table_group','TG10');
  • Execute the following statement to set the table group named TG10 as the default table group of the database: