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Last Updated: May 02, 2018

In the Alibaba Cloud DTplus console, you can view all the projects under the current account of the Project List page. Enter project to configure projects, change the calculation services, create, activate, disable, and delete projects.


  1. Log on to the DTplus console and go to DataWorks product details page as an organization administrator (primary account).

  2. Click Overview to enter the console overview page.

  3. Navigate to the Project List page to view all the projects under the current account.


  • Project status: The project is generally divided into five states: normal, initializing, initialization failed, deleting, and deleted. When a project is created it is in initializing status. The project result can either show normal or failed status. You can perform disabling and deleting operations once the project is created. After the project is disabled, you can also activate and delete items after the project is activated.

  • Active services: The Subscribed service column displays all the activated services. A blue icon represents normal services; a red icon represents suspended services because of payment overdue; and grey icon represents deleted services. Generally, a service is deleted after seven days overdue.

Create a project

For more information, see Create a project.

Configure a project

  1. Click Configuration for the project to be configured.

  2. On the Project Management page, click manage and configure project members, data sources, scheduling resources, and MaxCompute jobs.

Enter Project

  1. Click Enter Project to configure a project.

  2. Go to the Data Development page for specific operations.

Change the calculation services

Changing services is generally the operation of calculation services and DataWorks services. First, you must purchase a service, and then you can choose a corresponding service to modify it. The mode of payment is automatically displayed based on your purchase.

MaxCompute can perform the following operations on the services.

  • Recharge a service

  • Upgrade a service

  • Renew a service


    • Recharge: You can recharge your services when the services receive an overdue warning.
    • Upgrade: If your Pay-As-You-Go resource of MaxCompute is unable to meet your business demand, you can upgrade the resource by purchasing more services. to upgrade the resource.
    • Renew: You can renew your package when the package expired, or the system freezes the corresponding instances that contained in this package.


    • Subscription: Only display the Recharge button.
    • Pay-As-You-Go: All buttons are displayed.

Delete or disable a project

Select More > Delete project or Disable project for the project to be configured. See the following figure.


Delete a project

Note: This operation cannot be undone. Therefore, proceed with caution.

  1. Click Delete project for the project to be configured.

    The verification code is not changed.


  2. Click Submit to complete the project deletion.

Disable a project

Once a project is disabled, the cycle scheduling task in the project stops generating instances. The instances which are generated before the status changes to disabled, run normally. However you cannot log on to the project to view their corresponding status.

After a project is disabled successfully, the following operations are displayed on the page.