Project management

Last Updated: Aug 07, 2017

Access the Alibaba Cloud Dataplus platform as the organization administrator, navigate to Data IDE Kit > Console, and you will be able to see the project list.


■ Click “Project Configuration” under the corresponding project name to edit the project.


  • The Project name is the name entered when you created the project in the Dataplus console and cannot be modified;
  • The Project description can be modified;
  • The Project administrator is, by default, the organization administrator. You can add another member in the organization as the project administrator.

■ Click “Manage Scheduling Resources” in the left navigation bar to modify or add a scheduling resource.


  • Resource scheduling refers to the scheduling of the machine resources. There will be a default resource after a project is created. If you have special jobs to run on your own machine, you can add a scheduled resource to the organization following the descriptions in the subsequent Resource Scheduling chapter, and then bind the resource scheduling with the project here. Afterwards the shell type node of this project will be able to select the bound resource group when modifying the resource group in O&M Center - Node Definition page.

■ More configuration information can be found on the Project Management page of the corresponding projects. For specific operations, refer to the Project Management Manual chapter.

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