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Last Updated: Mar 26, 2018

The O&M Center is only available for the three roles: developer, maintainer personnel, and project administrator.


Common use cases: Performs a trial run and manages the edited and submitted workflows on the data development panel.

You can test a single workflow or node, complete data, pause a task, rerun a task, view task running logs, and configure monitoring alarms.


Common use cases: Handles task exceptions.

The maintenance tasks include testing a single workflow or node, completing data, pausing a task, and rerunning a task. Moreover, you can perform interventions, including modifying workflow or node properties by batch, killing, or rerunning tasks by batch, and configuring monitoring alarms.

Project administrator

Congratulations. You have the same permissions as those for maintenance personnel in the O&M Center module.


The O&M Center is unavailable for you. It is only available for developers, maintenance personnel, and project administrators.