Introductions on table details page

Last Updated: Oct 31, 2017

Click the name of a data table in any list of the Manage Data Tables module, then the table details page appears. The basic information, storage information, field information, partition information, output information, change history, kinship information, and data preview of the table are displayed.


The features displayed on the table details page are described as follows:

Add tables to favorites

Click Add to favorites at the top of the page to add the table to your favorite list. You can view such tables in Manage Data Tables > My Favorite Tables.


Apply for permissions for a table

You can apply for permissions for the current table on the table details page. The permissions can be applied for by yourself or by others on behalf of you.


Basic information of a table

The basic information of a table includes the table name, the Chinese name of the table, the Alibaba Cloud DTplus platform project name, the owner name, description, and permission status (offline processed data, lagging behind by one day).


Storage information of a table

The storage information of a table includes the physical storage capacity (data lagging behind by one day), lifecycle, whether the table is a partition table, the table creation time, the last DDL modification time, and the last data modification time.


Field information of a table

The field information of a table includes the field name, type, whether the field is a partition field, and description. You can also click Generate table creation statement to generate the DDL statement of the table.


Partition information of a table

The Partition information module displays the current partition of the table, including the partition name, creation time, storage capacity, and record quantity.

Output information of a table

The Output information module shows which task outputs the table/partition, including the running time (in seconds) and the end time of data output in the table partition. You can select the start time and end time to filter tasks within the period.

Change history of a table

The Change history module displays the table change information, including the change history of the table and partition granularity.


Kinship information of a table

The Kinship information module shows the kinship information of the table data that flows through MaxCompute. The field kinship analysis is supported.



Data preview of a table

Click preview data to preview the data information of the current table.


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