Create a task

Last Updated: Jul 06, 2017

This document takes MaxCompute for SQL as an example to illustrate the operating procedures.

Create a job

  1. Click New Job in the tool bar on the “Data IDE” interface ;

  2. Fill in the various configuration items in the New Job pop-up box. Here we take the creation of the One-time Scheduling workflow for example. If the workflow requires daily automatic scheduling, you can choose “Periodic Scheduling”, and then configure the scheduling cycle in the workflow attributes ;


    Configuration items in the “New Job” pop-up box are described as follows:

    Job Type: including the workflow jobs and node jobs. The workflow jobs can contain multiple node jobs.

    Job Name: A job name is composed of numbers, letters, and underscores.

    Scheduling Type: The scheduling type can be one-time scheduling or periodic scheduling. The scheduling type cannot be modified after the workflow is successfully created. The workflow attributes and node attributes of one-time scheduling do not contain the scheduling attributes. At the same time, you can directly run the current workflow on the workflow development panel.

    Description: A brief description of the current workflow. The description may contain Chinese characters, letters, numbers, and underscores.

    Select Directory: You can select the file tree that the job belongs to.

    [Description] Currently the node job only supports periodic scheduling. You should also select the node type including: data synchronization, and MaxCompute SQL.

  3. Click Create.

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