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Last Updated: Jun 26, 2018

DataWorks provides an extensive array of scenarios. The various scenarios and advantages of DataWorks are explained as follows:

Builds a cloud platform for Internet big data application services

  • Allows enterprises to focus more on the core business

Your entire business infrastructure can be migrated to the Alibaba Cloud much sooner than you have imagined. This way, you can make maximum use of the massive resources that Alibaba Cloud offer and optimize business productivity. With Alibaba Cloud’s mature business scaling solutions, enterprises do not need to focus too much on seamless service expansion and other allied matters.

  • Reduces investment and O&M costs

It can greatly reduce the material resources, labor, and R&D investment required for any self-built big data platforms.

  • Security and stability

    Foolproof data migration to the cloud is guaranteed by DataWorks’s comprehensive service capabilities providing stable and assured performance.

Recommended combination:

DataWorks + AnalyticDB + MaxCompute


Weather queries and advertisement business log analysis


  • Improves work efficiency

    All log data is analyzed based on SQLs, increasing work efficiency more than five times over.

  • Improves storage utilization

    DataWorks can reduce overall storage and computing costs by 70%, improving both performance and stability.

  • Makes big data products easy to use

    MaxCompute provides plugins for a wide range of open-source software, allowing you to easily migrate data to the cloud.

Recommended combination:

DataWorks + Data Integration + AnalyticDB + Quick BI + MaxCompute


Detail-oriented operations

  • Improves business insights

    MaxCompute’s computing capability can achieve detailed-oriented operations for millions of users.

  • Data-driven businesses

    DataWorks empowers businesses by providing enhanced data analysis capabilities and effective monitoring functions.

  • Quick response to business needs

    The DTplus ecosystem quickly responds to the new business data analysis needs.

Recommended combination:

DataWorks + Data integration + Quick BI + MaxCompute