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Product introduction

Last Updated: Jun 20, 2018

Note: The Alibaba Cloud CLI of Python is to be deprecated, please use Alibaba Cloud CLI of Go.

Alibaba Cloud CLI (Alibaba Cloud Command Line Interface) is a management tool created based on Alibaba Cloud Open APIs. With this tool, you can call Alibaba Cloud APIs to manage your Alibaba Cloud products. Alibaba Cloud CLI commands correspond to Alibaba Cloud APIs in a one-to-one manner, and the tool features high flexibility and scalability. Based on Alibaba Cloud CLI, you can encapsulate Alibaba Cloud Native APIs to obtain your expected functions.

Product functions

Alibaba Cloud CLI provides the following functions:

  • Alibaba Cloud CLI contains functions of nearly all products of Alibaba Cloud. Configure once, and then you can complete the configuration and management of all the products of Alibaba Cloud by using a same command line. Thus Alibaba Cloud CLI achieves real multi-product integration.

  • Alibaba Cloud CLI is fully compatible with different API versions of various products. You can easily switch between versions by using Alibaba Cloud CLI.

  • Alibaba Cloud CLI provides multi-account support. You can configure and manage multiple AccessKeys, and manage resources under different accounts by using one tool.

  • Alibaba Cloud CLI supports advanced encapsulations of the APIs for the functions frequently used by developers, which allows users to complete functions by simple calls not a series of complex commands.

  • For Linux/UNIX and Mac OS environment, Alibaba Cloud CLI provides an automatic command line filling function, allowing you to complete operations without the hassle of memorizing complex product commands.

  • Alibaba Cloud CLI provides online help information. You can use the help command to obtain available operations and available parameters of current operations.

  • Alibaba Cloud CLI provides active online update check, reminding you to upgrade.

  • Alibaba Cloud CLI provides multiple output formats, including text, json, and table. You can choose your expected output formats flexibly.

  • Alibaba Cloud CLI can be installed on various operating systems, including Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and UNIX.

  • Alibaba Cloud CLI can be installed through pip, making the installation and upgrade more quickly and easily.