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Getting started

Last Updated: Aug 09, 2018

Step 1. Preparations


  • Your domain name has completed the website record-filing.

    Alibaba Cloud provides live service.

    Note: If you select the Singapore region, the website record-filing operation is unnecessary.

  • Streaming and playing tools

    To begin a live activity, you need streaming tools to upload the live video, and playing tools to pull the live video.


  1. Log on to the ApsaraVideo Live console.

    The console checks the activation status of services on which the product is dependent. Follow the instructions on the page for operations.

  2. Add a live video domain name.

    1. Select the region, and click Add New Domain.


    2. Enter the Live domain name, and click Next step.



    • The domain name for live video need to complete ICP record filing before it is ready for use. For more information, see website record-filing.

    • When configured successfully, the domain name automatically completes the configuration of CDN live acceleration. The live acceleration is ready for use after the domain name completes the CNAME binding.

  3. Bind CNAME.

    Modify the DNS and CNAME record of the added live video domain name to the CNAME address displayed on the live video Domains page. Then, bind the streaming address provided by Alibaba Cloud with the live video domain name, so that the stream is pushed to the live video center when pushed to the live video domain name. Follow these steps for CNAME binding.

    • Live video domain name applied for at www.net.cn
    1. Get the CNAME corresponding to the live video domain name of the Apsaravideo Live console.


    2. Log on to the Domain console and, on the Domain Name List page, select the domain name, and click Resolve.


      If your live video domain name is not applied for at www.net.cn, you can first transfer your domain name to www.net.cn and then perform the CNAME binding following steps.

    3. Click Add Record.


    4. Click Add Record.


    5. Enter the resolution parameters and click Confirm.


      • Select CNAME in Type.

      • Enter the secondary domain name of the streaming address in Host. For example, if the streaming address is videolive-en.aliyun.com, then the secondary domain name is videolive-en.

      • Enter the CNAME content into Value in the domain name list.

      After the resolution parameters are set, CNAME domain name resolution takes effect quickly.

      • If it is a newly created domain name, the resolution does not involve DNS refreshing.

      • Different data is cached on different DNSs, and if the CNAME is changed, it may take up to 48 hours to complete the updates.

    • Live video domain name applied for in other ways

      • If the domain name is applied for in other ways, you must perform CNAME binding at the website at which the domain name is added.

      • Perform a domain name transfer on the Alibaba Cloud console.

  4. Configure authentication.

    Note: The authentication function is enabled by default for the newly created domain name since Janurary 1, 2018. You can adopt the authentication by default, or custimize it on the Apsaravideo Live console.

    • Authentication by default.

      The authentication function is in the Opened state by default. The Main KEY is abcd1234,and the Expire time is 1800s. The authentication expires if the time exceeds 1800s.

      1. Log on to the ApsaraVideo Live console.

      2. Click Domains in the left-side navigation pane.

      3. Select the region.

      4. Select the domain name, and click Detail at the right side.


      5. In Base Information > Center streaming information, click Go to generate authentication URL at the right side of Authentication settings.


      6. In the Generate authentication URL page, click Start to generate.

      7. Click to copy the generated URL authentication address.


      8. Click OK.

        The generated Authentication URL rtmp://video-center.alivecdn.com/AppName/StreamName?vhost=videolive-en.aliyun.com&auth_key=************** can be used for streaming and playback.

    • Customize authentication

      If you don’t adopt the configration by default, you can also customize Main KEY, Standby KEY, Expire time, AppName and StreamName, and then generate Authentication URL for streaming and playback.

      1. In Base Information > Center streaming information, click the 2icon at the right side of Authentication settings.

      2. In the Authentication settings page, customize the Main KEY, Standby KEY, and Expire time and click OK.



        • Main KEY is a key for calculating encrypted string. If the Main KEY is changed, all addresses using the Main KEY instantly becomes invalid. If the Standby KEY is changed to the Main KEY, the streaming or playback address using the Main KEY does not become invalid instantly, but uses the Standby KEY as a mechanism for performing the switch.
      3. Click Go to generate authentication URL at the right side of Authentication settings to set the AppName and StreamName on the Generate authentication URL page.

        Original URLrtmp://video-center.alivecdn.com/AppName/StreamName?vhost=videolive-en.aliyun.com, wherein,

        • Thevideo-center.alivecdn.comis a server of the live video center and can be customized. For example, if your domain name isvideolive-en.aliyun.com(Note: This domain name cannot be the same with your CDN domain name), you can set the DNS and point your domain name CNAME tovideo-center.alivecdn.com.

        • AppNameis the app name. This parameter can be customized.

        • StreamNameis the stream name. This parameter can be customized.

        • Thevhostparameter specifies a domain name for eventual playback on an edge node, namely your live video CDN domain name.

Step 2. Streaming

The live video streaming operation can use third-party streaming software.

  • For more information on how to use OBS for streaming, see OBS Streaming Guidelines.

Step 3. Playing

  • Preview directly at the backstage of the Web page

    1. Use OBS for streaming by using the authenticated URL, and then log on to the ApsaraVideo Live console > Streams.

    2. Select the region.

    3. Select the domain name.

    4. Select the stream status.

    5. Select the streaming address, and click Address at the right side.

      You can then check playback address and preview play.



  • Preview with VLC

    Download VLC. No additional configuration is required after the default installation. Click Media > Open Network Stream, enter the playback address, and click Play.

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