Last Updated: Sep 28, 2017

Web Hosting offers the following benefits:

  • Independently developed visual control panel
    Provides visualized Web Hosting configuration functions.

  • FTP-based uploading/downloading tool
    Provides FTP-based uploading and downloading services that are user intuitive, so any user can easily upload files to, and download files from, their website.

  • Attack isolation
    Quickly isolates resources from an attack to ensure overall server stability. Additionally, Web Hosting automatically defends against CC attacks.

  • Application firewall
    Automatically protects websites against application vulnerabilities without lengthy repair requirements, and intercepts illegal access attempts at the website access point.

  • Resource isolation
    Adopts advanced container technology to provide kernel-level resource isolation without any impact between tenants.

  • Security isolation
    Provides a multilayer sandbox with a three-dimensional protection system consisting of web containers, operating systems, and networks, ensuring full safeguard and isolation.

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