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Last Updated: Sep 13, 2019


You can call this operation to obtain the list of regions where MQ is supported.


When you use the SDK to access MQ and perform control operations, you need to specify the information of two regions respectively. The information of the second region is obtained through OnsRegionList. The following describes the scenario:

  • Connect your application to MQ: Select the nearest API gateway endpoint based on the region where your application is deployed and enter the region ID. The region ID is used to access the Alibaba Cloud API gateway because MQ provides API services through Alibaba Cloud APIs (POP APIs).

  • Connect a region to perform control operations: Specify a region in which you want to operate MQ resources and enter the region ID. The region ID can be obtained through OnsRegionList.

Request parameters

Name Type Required Description
PreventCache Long Yes The parameter used for CSRF verification, which can be set to the current system time. Unit: ms

Response parameters

Name Type Description
RequestId String A common parameter. Each request has a unique ID.
HelpUrl String A help link.
Data List(RegionDo) The query results.

Fields in RegionDo

Name Type Description
Id Long The number in the database.
RegionId String The ID of the region, for example, “cn-hangzhou”.
RegionName String The name of the region, for example, “China (Hangzhou)”.


For more information about sample codes, see API sample code and endpoints.