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Create an API

Last Updated: Nov 08, 2017

You can create an API after creating an API group. API creation is a process defining an API request. The following parameters must be defined in sequence:

  1. Basic API information: Group, name, type, and description. Once the API group is selected, the region is determined and cannot be changed.
  2. Information of API backend services: Type, address, and time-out time of backend services. The service address may contain dynamic parameters which are included in the path. Parameters in the service address can only be accepted from the path.
  3. API request format: Protocol, method, path, parameters (including headers, query, body, constant parameters, and system parameters), parameter mapping, and parameter verification. Note that the parameter names, including backend parameter names, cannot be repeated.
  4. API returned results: Type and example of returned results. The gateway does not process returned results.

Once all parameters are defined, an API is created and is ready to be enabled. For more information, see User Manual (Enable an API).