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Bind domain name and certificate

Last Updated: Nov 08, 2017

A domain name is bound to an API group. API Gateway uses the domain name to locate a unique API group, and locate the unique API through Path+HTTPMethod.

To enable an API, you must bind an independent domain name to the API group. The independent domain name must conform to the following requirements:

  • You must resolve the CNAME of the independent domain name to the group’s second-level domain name, and then bind the independent domain name to the group. Otherwise, the system returns an error during the binding operation.
  • Domain names must be verified within one day. Any binding requests not processed within one day are automatically withdrawn by the system.
  • To bind an independent domain name of another group to the current group, resolve the independent domain name and then bind it to the current group.

The domain name can be bound after its CNAME is resolved.

If the API in the group supports the HTTPS protocol, you must complete the SSL certificate information for the independent domain name. The certificate file cannot be uploaded. You must input the certificate name, content, and private key.