Last Updated: Sep 25, 2017

Limits on API Gateway products and business.

Restrictions Description
User restrictions on activating the API Gateway service. To activate the service, you need to complete the real-name authentication.
Restrictions on the number of API groups created by a user. Each account can have at most 50 API groups.
Restrictions on the number of APIs created by a user. At most 200 APIs can be created in each API group. That is, at most 10,000 (50 * 200) APIs can be created in each account.
Restrictions on the number of independent domain names bound to an API group. At most five independent domain names can be bound to a group.
Restrictions on the traffic for calling an API. The traffic of a single IP address of a single user used for calling each API made available by you shall not exceed 100 QPS.
The limit of the official subdomain. When the API group is created successfully, the API gateway will issue a secondary domain name for that group. You can test the API in the group by accessing the domain name, and the gateway restricts the number of visits to 1000 times per day. Please do not use the secondary domain name to provide API service directly.
Restrictions on parameter size. The parameters of the body location (including Form and Form other forms) can not exceed 2 Mb, and other locations (including Header and Query) can not exceed 128 Kb.
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