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Last Updated: Nov 08, 2017

API Gateway provides high-performance and highly available API hosting service to help users to publish or access to the APIs on Alibaba Cloud products such as ECS and Container Service. It manages the entire API lifecycle from release and management to maintenance. You can quickly open data or services at low costs and risks through simple operations.

API Gateway provides the following features:

  1. API management

    You can manage the lifecycle of an API, including creation, testing, release, deprecation, and version switching.

  2. Easy data conversion

    You can configure a mapping rule to convert the calling request into the format required by the backend.

  3. Presetting of request verification

    You can preset the verification of the parameter type and values (range, enumeration, regular expression, and JSON Schema) for gateway to preclude the invalid requests, reduce the utilization rate of your backend.

  4. Flexible throttling

    You can set throttling for APIs, users, and APPs by minute, hour, or day.

    In addition, you can also specialize some users or APPs with the independent throttling.

  5. Easy security protection

    API Gateway supports AppKey authentication and HMAC (SHA-1,SHA-256) signature.

    API Gateway supports SSL/TSL encryption and uses Alibaba Cloud Security to prevent viruses and attacks.

  6. Comprehensive monitoring and warning

    API Gateway provides visualized API monitoring in real time, including the calling traffic, calling method, response time, and error rate, and supports query of historical records for comprehensive analysis. You can also configure and subscribe to the warning method (SMS or email) to check the API running status in real time.

  7. Lower cost of publication

    API Gateway automatically generates API documentation and SDKs (service end and mobile end), reducing the cost of publication of API.