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Last Updated: Nov 08, 2017

Increases productivity

API Gateway provides a routine maintenance service for API documentation, SDK management, API version management, and other relevant scenarios. This removes the hassle of API management and significantly reduces maintenance costs.

Only pay for actual services

API Gateway supports activation, routine API management, document generation, SDK generation, throttling, and permission control for free. You only need to pay for actual API calls.

Large scale and high performance

API Gateway is deployed in a distributed way. It can perform automatic scaling, handle massive API access requests, and guarantee low delay to provide highly secure and efficient gateway functions for your backend services.

Secure and stable

You only need to open your service to API Gateway on the intranet, without worrying about security issues. API Gateway provides strict permission management, precise throttling, and comprehensive alarms, and precise monitoring functions, guaranteeing that your service is secure, stable, and controllable.