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Three mail-sending methods

Last Updated: Sep 27, 2017

You can send emails using the following methods:

  • Send batch emails using the DirectMail console.
  • Send triggered emails and batch emails using APIs.
  • Send triggered emails and batch emails using SMTP.

Send emails using the console

Note: Currently you only can send batch emails using the console. Triggered email support is in development. Attachments are not supported.

You can send batch emails by selecting an uploaded recipient list, a verified template, a sender address, and a mail type.

For more information, see Send email using the console.

Send emails using APIs

Note: Attachments are not supported.

  • Single mail interface: SingleSendMail.
    You can send triggered emails and batch emails without calling email templates. However, we do not recommend you send batch emails using the SingleSendMail interface.
  • Batch email interface: BatchSendMail.
    Using it, you can send batch emails by calling email templates.

For API call methods, see API Reference or SDK Reference.

Send emails using SMTP

Note: Attachments are supported.
For details on how to send emails with attachments, see How can I send emails with attachments using SMTP?

You can send triggered emails or batch emails using SMTP without calling email templates.

You must enable the SMTP send feature by setting the SMTP password for the sender addresses before using SMTP to send emails.

  1. Log on to the DirectMail console.
  2. On the left-side navigation pane, click Sender Addresses.
  3. Locate the sender address you want to enable SMTP send feature, and click Set SMTP Password.
  4. Enter a password, and click OK.

For a more detailed method, see Send emails using SMTP commands.

For SMTP call examples, see SMTP Reference.

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