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Billing methods

Last Updated: Dec 04, 2017

DirectMail is charged based on the number of emails sent. Two billing methods are available: Pay-As-You-Go and resource packages.


In Pay-As-You-Go billing method, you are charged according to your actual consumption. The unit price is USD 0.29 per 1,000 messages.

  • The cost calculation formula for Pay-As-You-Go is total sent emails/1000 x USD 0.29.

  • The cost is accurate to two decimal places, with a minimum billing fee of USD 0.01.

Resource packages

Resource packages need to be paid for before they can be used. Each resource package has a validity period of 6 months. You cannot unsubscribe from, or receive a refund for, unused package resources once you activate it or it expires. If you have multiple packages, sent emails will be deducted from the package with the earliest expiration date. If all of your resources are consumed within the validity period, the billing method will automatically switch to Pay-As-You-Go.

Available resource packages are described in the following table.

Resource packages

Resource package type Price Validity period Estimated savings vs PAYG
50,000 emails USD 13.05 6 months > USD 1.45
500,000 emails USD 121.8 6 months > USD 23.2
1 million emails USD 230.55 6 months > USD 59.45
5 million emails USD 1123.75 6 months > USD 326.25

Free quota

Each DirectMail account is entitled to 200 free emails per day. This quota (if applicable) is not included in the scope of resource packages or Pay-As-You-Go resources. Emails that exceed the quota are charged at standard rates.