Last Updated: Aug 02, 2017

Master account

The Alibaba Cloud account used for activating the DirectMail service.

Mail domain

Mail domain is the “ID card” for sending an email. It is the extension of the sender address. Each master account must have a mail domain.

E-mail service providers usually collect statistics of the mail volume and send frequency by domains. Reasonable use of the mail domain helps improving the arrival rate. We recommend:

  • Use a second-level domain to avoid interference to the primary domain.
  • Use different domains for trigger mails and batch mails.

Sender address

Sender address is the mail-from address when an email is sent. We recommend that you create separate sender addresses for trigger mails and batch mails.
You can view the data statistics by sender addresses.

Mail tag

Mail tag is used for tracing different mail categories. You can add a mail tag on your own, and view the data statistics by the mail tag.

Recipient list

You can import your own recipient list for the convenience of mail list management.


Template can be divided into mail template and text message template.
You can edit and preview the mail via the mail template.
Mail templates must be verified.

Daily quota and monthly quota

Daily quota: The quota of email volume sent per day.
Monthly quota: The daily quota*30 days.
The daily quota and monthly quota are upgraded or downgraded on a weekly basis according to the quality of mail arrival (arrival rate, invalid address rate, spam mail rate and so on). For specific rules, refer to Product rules.

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