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Transcoding task submission quick start guide

Last Updated: Apr 19, 2018


  1. Log on to the Media Processing console.

  2. Click Transcoding Tasks.

  3. Select the region.

  4. Click Create Task.


  5. In Submit > Settings, click Browse at the right side of Input and Output Location respectively.

  6. Enter the Output Name, and click Next.


  7. In Template > Static Template Presets, select an Output Format, and click Transcoding.


  8. View transcoding progress and result.

    Click Transcoding Tasks > OSS Transcoding Tasks, select MPS Queue, Status and Data Range, and click Search to view the transcoding tasks.

    • View transcoding tasks and transcoding progress.


    • View transcoding task details.


    In Transcoding Task Details > Transcoding Output, click Copy To to obtain the address of the output file.

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