After you activate MPS, perform the following steps to quickly submit the transcode task.

  1. Log on to the Media Processing console.
  2. Click Transcoding Tasks.
  3. Select the region.
  4. Click Create Task.

  5. In Submit > Settings, click Input and Output Location's right side buttonsBrowse respectively.
  6. Enter the Output Name, and clickNext.

  7. In Template > Static Template Presets select an Output Format, and clickTranscoding.

  8. View transcoding progress and results.

    In Transcoding Tasks > OSS Transcoding Tasks, selectMPS Queue, Status, and Data Range, and click Search to view the transcoding tasks.

    • View transcoding tasks and transcoding progress.

    • Click Transcode ID to View transcoding task details.

    In Transcoding Task DetailsTranscoding Output, clickCopy To to obtain the address of the output file.