Media Processing (ApsaraVideo Media Processing, formerly MTS) is a multimedia data processing service. It provides an economic, easy-to-use, elastic, and highly scalable method for the conversion of audio and video stored on the OSS into formats suitable for being played on PCs, TVs, or mobile devices. Meanwhile, on the basis of in-depth learning of mass data, it performs multi-modal analysis on the content, characters, speech, scenarios of the audio/video to achieve intelligent detection, content understanding and intelligent editing.

Media Processing (MPS) is developed based on the Alibaba Cloud computing platform. In the past, users had to invest large amounts of funds to purchase, build, and manage transcoding software and hardware, as well as perform complex configuration optimization, transcoding parameter adaptation, and other operations. MPS has changed all this. Meanwhile, on the basis of the elasticity of cloud computing services, it provides transcoding capabilities as needed to satisfy business transcoding demands to the maximum extent possible and avoid the waste of resources.

MPS provides the following functions: the Web management console, service APIs, and SDKs. These functions allow you to use and manage transcoding service, and integrate transcoding functions into your own apps and services.