Solutions based on Log Service

Log Service is an easy-to-use service that can be integrated with a number of Alibaba Cloud products and third-party open-source ecosystems. Such Alibaba Cloud products include Realtime Compute, data warehouses, and CloudMonitor. In addition, by introducing independent software vendors (ISVs) to domains such as security, Log Service enables you to enjoy services from log analysis experts in the security cloud marketplace.


Log Service offers solutions in the following typical scenarios:

  • Log and big data analysis
    • Uses agents and API operations to collect system events in real time, such as visits and clicks.
    • Uses LogHub to perform stream computing. For example, you can analyze the most favorite TV programs of users, channels with the highest audience rating, and on-demand rates in various provinces and cities for precision marketing.
    • Archives logs in data warehouses offline, and generates detailed operational data and bills on a daily and weekly basis.
    • Applies to fields such as streaming media, e-commerce, mobile analytics, and game operations. For example, CNZZ is also using Log Service.
  • Log audit
    • Uses agents to collect logs in real time. In this process, you do not need to worry that data may be deleted by mistake or by hackers.
    • Allows you to query logs and quickly analyze user behavior. For example, you can query the operating records of an account, an object, or an operation.
    • Ships logs to Object Storage Service (OSS) or MaxCompute to store them for a long period and meet compliance audit requirements.
    • Applies to fields such as e-commerce, government platforms, and websites. Alibaba Cloud has developed ActionTrail and log auditing based on Log Service.
  • Troubleshooting
    • During the development process, generates logs for clients, mobile devices, servers, and modules, and associates the logs with IDs.
    • Collects logs from various modules and uses CloudMonitor and Realtime Compute to obtain access information in real time.
    • Allows developers to query error logs without logging on to the server to quickly locate the problem and reduce the impact. For example, developers can query the keywords, occurrence count, and associated impact of errors occurred in requests or orders.
    • Applies to fields such as transaction systems, order systems, and mobile networks.
  • Operations and maintenance (O&M) management
    • Collects logs of different applications on hundreds of servers, including error logs, access logs, and operations logs.
    • Manages applications in a centralized manner by using different Logstores and machine groups.
    • Processes different logs. For example, performs stream computing on access logs for real-time monitoring, creates indexes on operations logs to query them in real time, and archives important logs offline.
    • Provides a complete set of API operations for configuration management and integration.
    • Applies to fields in which a large number of servers need to be managed.
  • Other scenarios
    • Applies to other scenarios such as metering and billing, business system monitoring, vulnerability detection, operational analytics, and mobile client analysis. In practice, almost all Alibaba Cloud products are using Log Service for processing and analyzing logs.