This topic describes the data used in Real-Time Streaming (RTS) APIs to record the stream ingest delay.


Records the data used to count the stream ingest delay.

struct pusher_delay
    long long cap_time_ms;  //current utc time when capture the video frame
    long long enc_time_ms;  //current utc time when the videoframe send to encoder
For RTMP ingestion in RTS, you can insert SEI messages to count the end-to-end delay. gdelay is the sum of all delays, not the current time. Unit: milliseconds.


Parameter Description
cap_time_ms The system time when an image is collected (Unix timestamp). Unit: milliseconds.
enc_time_ms The system time when the collected image is fed into the encoder (Unix timestamp). Unit: milliseconds.


When you call the rts_frame operation, you can set pusher_delay to the stream ingest delay.