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Compare Log Service LogHub and Kafka

Last Updated: Apr 19, 2018

Kafka is a distributed messaging system with high throughput and horizontal scaling and is widely used for message publishing and subscription. It is available as an open-source software. You can build a Kafka cluster as needed.

Log Service is a log-specific platform service built based on Apsara Pangu, supports the real-time collection, storage, distribution, and real-time query of various types of logs, and provides services by using standard RESTful APIs.

The Log Service LogHub provides public channels of log collection and distribution. To not build and maintain the Kafka cluster on your own, you can use the Log Service LogHub.

Concept mapping between Log Service LogHub and Kafka

Concept Kafka LogHub
Storage object Topic Logstore
Horizontal partitioning Partition Shard
Data consumption location Offset Cursor

Function comparison between LogHub and Kafka

Function Kafka LogHub
Usage dependency Self-built or shared Kafka cluster Log Service
Communication protocol Network interconnection by using TCP HTTP (RESTful API), port 80
Access control None Signature authentication + access control based on an Alibaba Cloud account
Dynamic expansion None Auto scaling (merge/split) of shard quantities in a dynamic manner without affecting users
Multi-tenant QoS None Shard-based standard throttling
Number of data copies Custom Three copies by default and cannot be modified
Failover/replication Completed by using tools Completed in an automatic and perception-free manner
Expansion/upgrade Completed by using tools with service impact Perception-free
Write mode Round robin/key hash Currently, only round robin and key hash are supported
Current consumption location Stored in the zookeeper of the Kafka cluster Maintained in Log Service without user intervention
Storage period Based on the configuration Adjusted dynamically based on the requirement