Log management

Last Updated: Mar 31, 2017

How does the Log Service store and manage user logs?

LogStores are the basic units for storing and querying logs in the Log Service. Each LogStore stores a specific type of logs. Currently, you can add, delete, modify, and query LogStores on the Log Service Console or using APIs. After creating a LogStore, you can write logs into it through APIs or SDKs. The Log Service provides Logtail to collect logs on Alibaba Cloud ECS servers in an easy way.

Are logs lost after I delete a LogStore?

Yes. Exercise caution for LogStore deletion.

What is the log storage period of the Log Service? Can I modify this period?

The following three functions of the Log Service are related to the log storage period:

  • LogHub: provides temporary storage for recent 48 hours to support real-time log consumption. Currently, the storage period cannot be modified.
  • LogShipper: After logs are posted to OSS and MaxCompute, you can set a lifecycle in these products.
  • LogSearch: supports storage periods of seven days, 30 days, and 90 days. The storage period is unchangeable once created. Because log indexes are hot data, select OSS or MaxCompute for a longer period of cold storage.

Can I share logs with other users?

Currently, the Log Service supports RAM, allowing you to share data through subaccount authorization.

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