Basic questions

Last Updated: Oct 26, 2017

What is Log Service?

Log Service is a platform service used to collect, store, and subscribe to logs. The service enables you to collect in real time, centrally manage and consume various types of logs.

What functions does Log Service provide?

  • Multiple ways of logging (using APIs, SDKs, and Logtail)
  • Definition of log collection and parsing methods using Logtail according to your need
  • Management of log collection on thousands of machines in machine groups
  • Real-time log consumption and subscription
  • Simple configuration through the console, allowing you to perform all operations through the Web
  • Seamless interconnection between the background and Alibaba Cloud products

How do I activate Log Service?

Currently, Log Service is in the open public beta stage. Visit, log on to your Alibaba Cloud account, go to the Log Service product page, and click “Activate Now”.

What are the basic concepts of Log Service?

  • Core concepts: project (basic unit of log management), LogStore, shard, topic (applicable to level-2 LogStore classification), log (number of logs), and LogGroup
  • Concepts about log collection: Logtail configuration (which defines how to collect logs) and machine group (used to manage machines in groups)

What are the components of Log Service?

Log Service consists of a log collection agent, a server, and other systems. Currently, the log collection agent is Logtail compatible with Windows and Linux. The server is responsible for reading, writing, and configuring Log Service APIs. Other systems include MaxCompute, to which Log Service synchronizes logs. Log Service will include the ability to synchronize logs to OSS and AMR for consumption.

How is a log defined in Log Service?

A log contains three parts: time (mandatory), log content (which consists of key– value pairs), and metadata (data source, which can be defined by the IP addresses of logs).

How does Log Service work with other Alibaba Cloud services?

  • ECS: You can install Logtail (agent) to collect logs on your ECS server.
  • MaxCompute: Logs collected to Log Service can be automatically posted to your MaxCompute table for online query and offline analysis.
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