After a machine with Logtail installed is started normally, the machine is automatically associated with the current user based on the user information in the Logtail configuration.  Currently, the machine can be identified in the following three ways:
  • IP: The IP address corresponding to the hostname.  This is the easiest method to understand, but the IP address may be duplicated in the VPC and other environments.
  • UUID (machine-uniqueid): The UUID in DMI devices. For more information, see RFC4122.
  • Userdefined-id: You can customize the machine identification in the Logtail directory.
Attributes of each machine are as follows:
    "ip" : "testip1",
    "machine-uniqueid" : "testuuid1",
    "userdefined-id" : "testuserdefinedid1",
The machine property parameters are as follows:
Table 1. Parameter description
Parameter Type Description
ip string The IP address corresponding to the machine hostname.
uuid string The unique primary key marked by the machine, uploaded by Logtail.
userdefined-id string The user-defined machine identification,  uploaded by Logtail.
lastHeartbeatTime(output-only) integer The last heartbeat time of the machine (the number of seconds since the epoch time).


Machinegroup is the machine group that belongs to the current user in the project. You can identify your machine group in a project by using IP address or user-defined identity.  The IP address is more easily identified while the user-defined identity can solve the problem of identical IP address in the VPC environment. You can select either of the two machine identification methods.

Machinegroup naming rules:
  • The name can only contain lowercase letters, numbers, hyphens (-), and underscores (_).
  • The name must begin and end with a lowercase letter or number.
  • The name must be 2–128 bytes long.

Example of the complete resource:

    "groupName" : "testgroup",
    "groupType" : "",
    "groupAttribute" : {
        "externalName" : "testgroup",
        "groupTopic": "testgrouptopic"
    "machineIdentifyType": "ip",
    "machineList" : [
    "createTime": 1431705075,
    "lastModifyTime" : 1431705075
Table 2. Description
Attribute name Type Required Description
groupName string Yes  The machine group name, which must be unique in the project.
groupType string No The machine group type, which is empty by default.
machineIdentifyType string Yes The machine identification type, including IP and user-defined identity.
groupAttribute object Yes The machine group attribute, which is empty by default.
machineList array Yes The specific machine identification, which can be an IP address or user-defined identity.
createTime(output-only) int No The resource creation time.
lastModifyTime(output-only) int No The resource server update time.
groupAttribute is described as follows.
Table 3. groupAttribute description
Attribute name Type Required Description
groupTopic string No The topic of a machine group, which is empty by default.
externalName string No The external identification that the machine group depends on, which is empty by default.