The Logstore naming rules are as follows:
  • The name can only contain lowercase letters, numbers, hyphens (-), and underscores (_).
  • The name must begin and end with a lowercase letter or number.
  • The name must be 3–63 bytes long.
Example of the complete resource:
    "logstoreName" : "access_log",
    "ttl": 1,
    "shardCount": 2,
    "autoSplit": true,
    "maxSplitShard": 64,
Parameter definitions
Table 1. Parameter definitions
Parameter Name Type Required Description
logstoreName string Yes The Logstore name, which must be unique in the same project.
ttl Integer Yes The Time to Live (TTL) of log data. The unit is in days and the minimum value is 1 day.
Shardcount Integer Yes The log data service unit.
createTime(OutputOnly) Integer The time when the resource is created in Log Service (output only).
lastModifyTime(OutputOnly) Integer The time when the resource is updated in Log Service (output only).