Actions in RAM that can be performed on Log Service resources

In Resource Access Management (RAM), you can perform the following actions on Log Service resources. Each action corresponds to one or two APIs.

Action Description
log:CreateProject Create a project.
log:GetLogStoreLogs Query logs in a Logstore of a specific project.
log:GetLogStoreHistogram Query the distribution of logs in a Logstore of a specified project.
log:GetLogStore View Logstore attributes.
log:ListLogStores List names of all Logstore of a specified project.
log:CreateLogStore Create a Logstore in a project.
log:DeleteLogStore Delete a Logstore, including all shards and indexes in the Logstore.
log:UpdateLogStore Update Logstore attributes.
log:GetCursorOrData (GetCursorPullLogs) Get the cursor by time; get logs by the cursor and quantity.
log:ListShards List all available shards in a Logstore.
log:PostLogStoreLogs Write log data to a specified Logstore.
log:CreateConfig Create log configuration in a project.
log:UpdateConfig Update configuration.
log:DeleteConfig Remove the specified configuration.
log:GetConfig Obtain configuration details.
log:ListConfig List all configurations in a project. You can use the parameter to flip pages.
log:CreateMachineGroup You can create a group of machines to collect logs and deliver configuration.
log:UpdateMachineGroup Update machine group information.
log:DeleteMachineGroup Delete a machine group
log:GetMachineGroup View specific machine group information.
log:ListMachineGroup View the machine group name list.
log:ListMachines Get the status information of machines that belong to the user and connect to the server under the machine group.
log:ApplyConfigToGroup Apply the configuration to the machine group.
log:RemoveConfigFromGroup Remove configuration from a machine group.
log:GetAppliedMachineGroups Get the name of the configuration that has been applied on the machine group.
log:GetAppliedConfigs Obtain the name of the configuration applied to a machine group.
log:GetShipperStatus Query the LogShipper task status.
log:RetryShipperTask Rerun failed LogShipper tasks.
log:CreateConsumerGroup Create a consumer group in a specified Logstore.
log:UpdateConsumerGroup Modify the attributes of a specified consumer group.
log:DeleteConsumerGroup Delete a specified consumer group.
log:ListConsumerGroup Query all consumer groups of a specified Logstore.
log:ConsumerGroupUpdateCheckPoint Update the checkpoints of a shard of consumer groups under a specified project and Logstore.
log:ConsumerGroupHeartBeat Send a heartbeat packet to the server for a specified consumer.
log:GetConsumerGroupCheckPoint Obtain the checkpoints of one or all shards consumed by a specified consumer group.
log:CreateIndex Create an index for a specified Logstore.
log:DeleteIndex Create an index for a specified Logstore.
log:GetIndex Query the index of a specified Logstore.
log:UpdateIndex Update an index for a specified Logstore.
log:CreateSavedSearch Create a SavedSearch.
log:UpdateSavedSearch Update a SavedSearch.
log:GetSavedSearch View specific SavedSearch information.
log:DeleteSavedSearch Delete a SavedSearch.
log:ListSavedSearch List all SavedSearches in a Project.
log:CreateDashboard Create a Dashboard.
log:UpdateDashboard Update a Dashboard.
log:GetDashboard View specific Dashboard information.
log:DeleteDashboard Delete a Dashboard.
log:ListDashboard List all Dashboards in a Project.