You can view the monitoring data of Log Service in the CloudMonitor console or Log Service console.

  • In the CloudMonitor console, you can view:
    • Log reading/writing in Logstores
    • Logs collected by agents (Logtail)
  • In the Log Service console, you can view:
    • Current point of real-time subscription consumption (Spark Streaming, Storm, and consumer library)
    • Log shipping status

This document describes how to view monitoring data in the Alibaba Cloud CloudMonitor console. For how to view monitoring data in the Log Service console, see  View consumer group status, Manage LogShipper tasks and Set alarms.


Note You must authorize the sub-accounts before using them to configure the cloud monitoring.
  1. Log on to the Log Service console.
  2. On the Project List page, click the project name.
  3. Click the Monitor icon at the right of the Logstore to enter the CloudMonitor console.

    You can log on to the CloudMonitor console directly and then click Cloud Service  > Log Servicein the left-side navigation pane to enter the monitoring configuration page.

    Monitor the log data in CloudMonitor. For more information, see Log Service monitoring.

    Figure 1. Monitoring item description


Log Service monitoring metrics.

Set alarm rules

Click Create Alarm Rule in the upper-right corner of the Monitoring Charts page. Configure the related resource, alarm rules, and notification method.  For more information, see Use CloudMonitor to set alarm rules.