View shipping task status

Last Updated: Nov 29, 2017

LogShipper is a function provided by Log Service. It can help you maximize the value of your data. You can ship the collected log data to MaxCompute or OSS through the console to save the data for a long term or consume the data together with others systems, such as E-MapReduce. Once this function is enabled, Log Service background regularly ships the logs written to this Logstore to the corresponding table in MaxCompute. To timely show you the shipping progress and handle online problems, the Log Service console provides the LogShipper Task Management page for you to query the data shipping status within the specified period of time.

On the Logstore List interface, click OSS under the LogShipper column to go to the LogShipper Task Management page. You can perform the following operations to manage you shipping tasks:

Enable/disable a shipping task

  1. Select the target Logstore in the menu on the upper left corner on the LogShipper Task Management page.

  2. Click Enable Shipping or Disable Shipping next to the Logstore menu.

    When a disabled shipping task is enabled again, the shipping rule must be reconfigured.

Configure the shipping rule

After a shipping task is enabled, click Shipping Configuration to modify the shipping rule.

View shipping task details

You can filter the shipping task to be viewed based on the Logstore, time segment, and task shipping status. Then you can view the status, start time, end time, log data accepting time, task type, and other details of the specified shipping task on the current page.


Task shipping has three statuses as follows:

Status Meaning Operation
Successful The shipping task runs normally. You need not to pay attention to it.
In Progress The task is being shipped. Check whether the task is successfully shipped.
Failed The log data shipping task fails. The shipping task fails due to external causes and cannot be retried. For example, the MaxCompute table structure does not conform to the Log Service regulations, or the task is unauthorized. Find the cause. For more details, see the Shipping Task Management section of Ship logs to OSS.
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