This topic describes how to manage log shipping tasks. Log Service provides the LogShipper feature to maximize the value of log data.

Background information

LogShipper is a feature of Log Service. In the Log Service console, you can ship the collected log data to other Alibaba Cloud services. Then, you can store the log data, or consume the log data by using other systems such as E-MapReduce. After you enable the LogShipper feature, Log Service ships the collected log data to the specified cloud service at regular intervals. The Log Service console provides the LogShipper page. On this page, you can query the data shipping status within a specified time range.

Enable or disable the LogShipper feature of a Logstore

  1. Log on to the Log Service console, and then click the target project name.
  2. In the left-side navigation pane, find the Logstore, and then click the Show/Hide icon icon in front of the Logstore.
  3. Choose Data Transformation > Export, and then click Object Storage Service (OSS) to open the LogShipper page.
  4. Click Enable or Disable.
    After you disable the LogShipper feature, you must reconfigure the shipping rule when you enable the LogShipper feature again.

Modify the shipping rule

After you enable the LogShipper feature, you can click Settings to modify the shipping rule.

After you modify the shipping rule, you can check whether the shipping rule meets your requirements as follows:
  1. Check whether the new shipping task is running as expected.
  2. Check whether the new shipping tasks ship data to the destination storage location as expected.

View the details of a shipping task

After you enable the LogShipper feature, you can view the status, start time, end time, log receiving time, and type of the shipping tasks on the LogShipper page.

The following table describes the three states of a shipping task.
State Description Action
Success Logs are shipped. No action is required.
Running Logs are being shipped. Check whether logs are shipped later.
Failed Logs failed to be shipped. The shipping task encountered an error and cannot be retried. Troubleshoot the shipping task.