View shipping task status

Last Updated: Jul 06, 2017

View OSS shipping task status

Log Service can be used to ship logs to OSS. This helps you store data that must be retained for a long period of time, or is to be jointly consumed by other systems (such as E-MapReduce). As described in Ship Logs to OSS, you can determine whether a Logstore should enable the function according to your requirements. Once this function is enabled, Log Service will regularly ship the logs written to this Logstore to the corresponding bucket in OSS. In order to detail shipping progress and conveniently handle online problems, the Log Service console provides the LogShipper Task Management page.


As shown in the preceding figure, you can use the LogShipper task management page to:

  • View LogShipper tasks from the past two days, along with their statuses. The shipping task status can be Success, In Progress, or Failed. Failed indicates that the shipping task encountered an error. For more information, refer to the Shipping task management section of Ship logs to OSS.
  • For failed shipping tasks (created within the last two days), you can view the external cause for the failure in the task list. After you fix the problem, you can retry failed tasks separately or in batches.
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