Decrypts the ciphertext in CiphertextBlob.

Ciphertext can be generated by the following APIs:

Request parameters

Name Type Required Description
CiphertextBlob String Yes Ciphertext to be decrypted.
EncryptionContext String No JSON string of key-value pairs. If you specify this parameter in the Encrypt or GenerateDataKey API, you need to provide the same parameter before you can decrypt the ciphertext. For more information, see Encryption Context.

Response parameters

Name Type Description
KeyId String Globally unique identifier of CMK. ID of the CMK used by the encrypted ciphertext.
Plaintext String Decrypted plaintext.


Request example
&CiphertextBlob=<your ciphertextblob>
&<Common Request Parameters>

Response example

JSON format

//json response
"KeyId": "202b9877-5a25-46e3-a763-e20791b5****"
"Plaintext": "Plaintext"
"RequestId": "207596a2-36d3-4840-b1bd-f87044699bd7"

XML format

//xml response