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View the resource type information

Last Updated: Apr 04, 2018

In the Resource Orchestration Service (ROS) console, you can view supported resource types and the resource type details. When creating a resource stack template, you can set the template information according to the Properties information of the resource type and specify the specific requirements on the resources.

  1. Log on to the ROS console.

  2. Click Resource Type from the left-side navigation pane. In the Resource Type List, you can view all resource types supported by ROS.

    <alt>resource type list

  3. Click the name of a resource type or Details from the Operation column to view the resource type details. For example, click ALIYUN::ApiGateway::Group to go to the ALIYUN::ApiGateway::Group details page.

    resource type details

    The Attributes and Properties of the resource type are displayed on the page.

    Attributes displays the instance attribute value obtained through the resource stack after ROS creates the resource.

    Properties displays the specific requirements on the resources specified by you when you create a resource stack template.

    The metadata of each attributes includes the following items.

    keyAttribute name
    typeValue type
    requiredRequired or not
    immutableImmutable or not
    update_allowedAllowed update or not. If the value is true, you can update the resource stack and modify the attribute in the template.
    constraintsValue range
  4. Click Template Examples from the left-side navigation pane to view how to specify the required resource in the template.

    template example