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Check resource stack information

Last Updated: May 18, 2018
  1. Log on to the ROS console.

  2. On the Stack Management page, select the resource stack region.

    <alt>stack management

  3. Click the name of the resource stack or click Manage from the Operation column to enter the Stack Overview page.

    On the Stack Overview page you can view Basic Information, Startup Parameters, Status, Output, and Stack Parameters.

    <alt>stack management<alt>stack management

    • Basic Information: Displays the stack name, stack ID, and the region.

    • Startup Parameters: Displays the allowed stack creation period, and whether to perform a rollback if the allowed time is used up but the resource stack is not created successfully.

    • Status: Displays the current state of the stack.

    • Output: Displays the instance information to be outputted, which is specified during the stack creation.

    • Stack Parameters: Displays the specified parameters during the stack creation, including internal parameters starting with ALIYUN::.

  4. Click Resource, Event, and Template from the left-side navigation pane to view more stack details.

    • Resource: Displays all the recourse information of a stack.

      Click Details to view more details of the resources.

    • Event: Displays every event during a stack lifecycle. Any action on the stack is recorded, including creation, health check, deletion, update, and rollback information.

    • Template: Displays the text file of the current stack template.