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Create stacks

Last Updated: May 16, 2018

You can use Resource Orchestration Service (ROS) to create a group of Alibaba Cloud resources using a template. ROS defines this group of resources as a stack. Through Stack Management, you can manage your Alibaba Cloud resource stacks. For example, you can create, update, delete, and recreate a resource stack and check the health of the stack. This document explains how to create a new resource stack in the ROS console.

  1. Log on to the ROS console.

  2. On the Stack Management page, click New Resource Stack.

    stack management

  3. Select the region in which you want to create Alibaba Cloud resources, and then enter a stack template. For Template Source, you can select Enter directly or URL. You can enter a template in JSON directly on the page or reference the template URL.

    A template text file is in JSON format, and UTF-8 encoding is used.

    If you do not have a template, see Template structure description for template editing information.

    You can also select Edit template with visual editor. See Visual editor example.

    To simplify use of ROS, sample templates in the ROS console are provided. Click Sample Template, select a suitable sample template, and you can quickly create a stack based on the sample. For details about the procedure, see Create stacks with template samples.

    create stack

  4. Enter values for the parameters, and click Create.

    Note: Different types of resource stacks require different parameters. The following figure is for your reference only.

    create stack

    The system takes some time to complete the resource creation process.

    You can view the status and information of the created stack on the Stack Management page.