This topic describes how to use Resource Orchestration Service (ROS) to create a stack.


An Alibaba Cloud account is created. To create an Alibaba Cloud account, go to the account registration page.

Background information

If you have created a template, log on to the ROS console and click My Templates in the left-side navigation pane. Click Create Stack in the Actions column corresponding to your template. You can also click Sample Templates in the left-side navigation pane to create a stack based on a sample template. For more information, see Create stacks by using templates.


  1. Log on to the ROS console.
  2. In the left-side navigation pane, click Stacks.
  3. In the upper-left corner, select a region from the drop-down list.
  4. On the Stacks page, click Create Stack.
  5. In the Select Template step of the Create Stack wizard, select a template and click Next.

    You can select an existing template or use a sample template.

    A template is a JSON file encoded in UTF-8. For more information about templates, see Template structure.

  6. In the Configure Template Parameters step of the Create Stack wizard, set Stack Name and Parameters, and click Next.
  7. In the Configure Stack step of the Create Stack wizard, set Stack Policy, Rollback on Failure, Timeout Period, and Deletion Protection, and click Next.
    If a resource is not created or updated within the time limit specified by Timeout Period, the system determines that the operation fails. The system then determines whether to roll back to the status before the resource was created or updated based on the Rollback on Failure configuration.
  8. In the Check and Confirm step of the Create Stack wizard, click Create.