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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2018
Terminology Description
Account Alibaba Cloud primary account. It is recorded as root-account in an ActionTrail event log.
RAM-User A user created by using RAM. It is recorded as ram-user in an ActionTrail event log.
AK (AccessKey) The combination of AccessKeyID and AccessKeySecret used for identity authentication when users make API requests to Alibaba Cloud.
Event Each API request made through the Alibaba Cloud console or SDK can be recorded as an event.
Global Service A service that cannot be deployed only to specified regions, such as RAM. A trail of a global service logs events of all regions.
Trail A trail logs events and delivers them to the specified OSS bucket.
Home Region The region in which a trail is created by the user.
Shadow Trail The replications of the trail created in the home region. ActionTrail automatically creates shadow trails in other supported regions.