Obtains information about a RAM role.


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Request parameters

Parameter Type Required? Example value Description
Action String Yes GetRole

The name of this action.

Value: GetRole

RoleName String Yes ECSAdmin

The RAM role name. It must be 1 to 64 characters in length.

Pattern: ^[a-zA-Z0-9\.@\-]+$

Response parameters

Parameter Type Example value Description
RequestId String 04F0F334-1335-436C-A1D7-6C044FE73368 The request ID.
Role N/A N/A The information about the RAM role.
Arn String acs:ram::123456789012****:role/ECSAdmin The Alibaba Cloud Resource Name (ARN) of the RAM role.
AssumeRolePolicyDocument String { "Statement": [ { "Action": "sts:AssumeRole", "Effect": "Allow", "Principal": { "RAM": "acs:ram::123456789012****:root" } } ], "Version": "1" } The policy text that specifies one or more entities entrusted to assume the RAM role.
CreateDate String 2015-01-23T12:33:18Z The date and time when the RAM role was created.
Description String ECS administrator The description of the RAM role.
RoleId String 901234567890**** The ID of the RAM role.
RoleName String ECSAdmin The name of the RAM role.
UpdateDate String 2015-01-23T12:33:18Z The date and time when the RAM role was modified.


Request example

&<Common parameters>

Response example

XML format

    <Description>ECS administrator</Description>
    <AssumeRolePolicyDocument>{ "Statement": [ { "Action": "sts:AssumeRole", "Effect": "Allow", "Principal": { "RAM": "acs:ram::123456789012****:root" } } ], "Version": "1" }</AssumeRolePolicyDocument>

JSON format

        "Description":"ECS administrator",
        "AssumeRolePolicyDocument":"{ \"Statement\": [ { \"Action\": \"sts:AssumeRole\", \"Effect\": \"Allow\", \"Principal\": { \"RAM\": \"acs:ram::123456789012****:root\" } } ], \"Version\": \"1\" }",


For a list of error codes, visit the API Error Center.