This topic is an overview of all API operations used in CloudMonitor.

API operation Description
ListAlarmHistory Query alarm history.
NodeStatus Query the running status of a agent on a specified instance.
CreateAlarm Create an alarm rule.
DeleteAlarm Delete an existing alarm rule.
ListAlarmHistory Query specified or all alarm rule settings.
DisableAlarm Disable an alarm rule.
ListContactGroup Query the alarm contact group associated with an alarm rule under an Alibaba Cloud account.
EnableAlarm Enable an alarm rule.
NodeInstall Call interfaces to install a CloudMonitor agent on a specified ECS instance.
NodeStatusList Query the status of a CloudMonitor agent for multiple instances.
QueryMetricLast Query the latest monitoring data of a specified monitored object.
QueryMetricList Query the monitoring data of a specified product instance within a specified period of time.
UpdateAlarm Modify an existing alarm rule.