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Product terminology

Last Updated: Jan 29, 2018

The following terms are the key concepts of Cloud Monitor.

Term Description
Cloud service monitoring This allows Alibaba Cloud service users to view performance indicators for various products. At present, it supports metric indicators for ECS, RDS, Server Load Balancer, OSS, and other main cloud products.
Customized monitoring Based on your own business needs, you can create custom metric indicators and use scripts to report data. This satisfies your business-level monitoring needs.
Alarm service This allows you to set alarm rules for the indicators of the three monitoring services described above. When metric data meets trigger conditions set by alarm rules, the service will send an alarm notification.
Metric item You can set custom metric items or use the system’s default metric data types. For example, HTTP monitoring in site monitoring has two default metric items: response time and status code. The ECS metric items include CPU usage and memory usage.
Dimension Dimensions are used to locate metric item data. For instance, the metric item Disk IO has two dimensions: instance and disk name. These dimensions can locate the unique metric data. Currently, in customized monitoring, dimensions are represented by “field information”.
Alarm rule An alarm rule is a condition. For example: “memory usage statistical period: 5 minutes; greater than or equal to 50% three times in a row” is a rule.
Channel silence This refers to a condition under which an alarm will not be triggered again within a period of 24 hours when an indicator remains above the alarm threshold.
Alarm contact The person who receives alarm notifications.
Alarm contact group An alarm group is a group of one or more alarm contacts. During alarm setup, alarm notifications are sent to a specified alarm group. Based on the preset alarm method, the alarm system will send alarm notifications to members of the alarm group when an alarm is triggered.
Notification method The method by which alarm notifications are sent to users. Methods include text message, TradeManager (Taobao), email, and MNS message queue push.
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