You can push approved digital certificates to other Alibaba Cloud products like CDN, SCDN, DCDN, and Server Load Balance.

You must upload your private key before you can push a digital certificate to any cloud product. If you select “CSR generated by system” when submitting the certificate request, the private key is saved by the system and does not need to be uploaded again.
Note The private key is in a one-to-one correspondence with the certificate, so you must make sure you upload the correct private key. For more information on private keys, see What is a public key and a private key.
Note Your digital certificate becomes useless, if the private key is lost. Alibaba Cloud is not responsible for managing or keeping your private key. Additionally, if the private key is lost or forgotten, you must buy a new digital certificate to replace the original one. You cannot re-download a private key once it has been uploaded. So, make sure you save and secure your original private key.