After you have purchased a digital certificate, you must enter the certificate details and submit it for review. This step is needed to complete the certificate application request.

Follow these steps to enter the information:

  1. Log in to the Certificate Services Management console.
  2. Select the Region where you have the certificate purchased.
  3. In the My Orders list, select the certificate instance and click Complete to go to the Complete Information page to enter certificate details.

  4. Click Submit for Review to submit the certificate application request.

Enter domain information

Enter the domain information based on the type and number of domains you have selected while purchasing the certificate. For example, if you want to secure multiple domains and have specified the number of domains to protect as five, enter all five domains (one per line) at this step.

Alibaba Cloud then verifies your entered domain information.
The CA must confirm the ownership of the submitted domains. You may receive an email from the CA that prompts you to verify your domain ownership. You must periodically check the designated mailbox after you submit the details for verification purpose. After you submit your information, check your inbox (applicant inbox) promptly and verify it. If the verification is not performed, you may fail the certificate review.If your domain name ownership verification fails, your certificate review will fail.

Enter request information

To purchase an SSL Professional or Advanced certificate, you have to enter detail information of your organization. 

Enter organization information

Enter the organization information as needed. These details are further used to verify the authenticity of your organization.

Upload the relevant information

We strongly recommend you use the CSR Generated by System method to generate a CSR file. 
  • As a result, your private key is automatically generated by the system. Once your certificate request is completed, you can download your certificate and private key directly from the Certificate Management list.
  • You can also generate a CSR (Certificate Signing Request) certificate request file on your own and upload it manually. For more information about how to generate a CSR file, see How to generate a CSR file.
    • Your CSR file format must be correct in order for your certificate application to succeed. 
    • You must keep your private key safe when generating a CSR file. The private key develops a one-to-one correspondence with the certificate. Your digital certificate becomes useless, if the private key is lost.  Alibaba Cloud is not responsible for managing or keeping your private key. Additionally, if the private key is lost or forgotten, you must buy a new digital certificate to replace the original one. 

Submit for Review

After submission, 

Alibaba Cloud verifies your certificate qualification.  The time required for this process varies according to the individual requirements of each CA. Thus, we recommend that you must periodically check your email and phone for the notifications.

If the verification fails, you can revise and update the request information (especially the organization qualification review) and resubmit for another review. 
After receiving your submission, the CA sends a verification email asking you to verify the domain information.  If domain verification is not performed, you cannot pass the certificate review, and your certificate remains in the Under Review status until the verification is completed.