Security Center can be used in the following scenarios:

  • Real-time monitoring of business security in the cloud.

    Security Center can generate alarms for security events such as unusual logons, webshell injections, and malware.

  • Periodic vulnerability detection and baseline check for cloud services.

    Security Center provides vulnerability detection, warns you of unsafe configurations, and odders fixes.

  • Query and analysis of network logs, server logs, and user visits.
  • Real-time monitoring of open ports on ECS instances and security issues, including AccessKey leaks, network intrusions, DDoS attacks, and bots.
  • Tracking of intrusions, such as webshell injections, malware, and ransomware in ECS, to analyze the patterns of intrusions and locate the causes.
  • Review the related events on the same page, and make you easier to analyze and handle the events and alerts.
  • Customize the rules of alerts based on your business requirements.