Alibaba Cloud Anti-DDoS Pro has the following advantages.

  • Protection against high-volume DDoS attacks

    Proven successful is mitigating over 1 Tbps DDoS attacks.

    Protects against all types of DDoS attacks based on network layer, transport layer, and application layer.

  • Precisely targeted protection

    Provides dedicated protection policies respectively for businesses such as e-commerce, encryption, 7-layer applications, intelligent terminals, and online protection service.

  • Invisibility of origin resources

    The origin IPs are replaced and concealed through the Alibaba Cloud Security service. The security resources work in front of the origin to prevent the attack from locating the origin resources.

  • Flexible management

    The DDoS protection can be upgraded to the professional edition with simple and quick operation. In addition, the process requires no physical equipment, and causes no interruption to the whole service.

  • High availability and reliability

    Based on auto detection, attack policy matching, real-time protection, and cleaning service, this service guarantees a 99.99% availability.