Alibaba Cloud Anti-DDoS Pro guarantees the stability of cloud service through the following features.

  • Protects against most common DDoS attacks

    The malicious attacks include but are not limited to: ICMP Flood, UDP Flood, TCP Flood, SYN Flood, and ACK Flood.

    The detailed functions of Anti-DDoS Pro are as follows:
    Type Feature Description
    Attack protection Malformed message filtering Filters out frag flood, smurf, stream flood, and land flood attacks.
    Attack protection Malformed message filtering Filters out malformed IP packets, TCP packets, and UDP packets.
    Attack protection DDoS attack protection on transport layer Filters out Syn flood, Ack flood, UDP flood, ICMP flood, and Rstflood attacks.
    Attack protection DDoS attack protection on web application layer Filters out HTTP Get flood, HTTP Post flood, and high frequency attacks, and supports HTTP feature filtering, URI filtering, and host filtering.
  • Configurable high-defensive IPs

    The defense IPs can be modified at any time to achieve more diverse and targeted protection.

  • Flexible management

    The DDoS protection threshold can be configured to conduct more suitable protective measures. Without creating any interruptions to the entire process, it can be upgraded to a more advanced protection version.

  • Detailed security report

    The report helps to present all the necessary information to provide insights on the security environment. Moreover, the network traffic is monitored in real time that makes sure that the attacks are identified in time.