Alibaba Cloud Anti-DDoS Pro is a paid service that features a set of high-defensive IPs, and acts as a protective barrier for the origin. It safeguards network servers under high volume DDoS attacks. After configuring the high defensive IPs for the network servers, all traffic passes through the Anti-DDoS Pro instance before rerouting to the origin.

Anti-DDoS Pro supports a peak protection bandwidth of 20Gbps ~ 600Gbps on servers inside and outside Alibaba Cloud. To make it more cost-effective, you are offered various flexible payment plans. Wherein, the fees are incurred according to the daily attack volumes.

Anti-DDoS Pro cleans all traffic, mitigates DDoS attacks, and then forward traffic to the origin. With malicious traffic mitigated, the origin gains higher availability and stability.

Additionally, with Anti-DDoS Pro enabled, traffic traction and re-injection are not necessary when your origin suffers DDoS attacks.